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lyrics and a small passage

Hi everyone. I've been a long-time lurker, but I've never posted. I decided to share a beautiful song that I am in love with and a small passage I snitched from one of the stories I am currently working on :) Enjoy!

Heaven's not enough
If when you get there just another blue
And heaven's not enough
You think you've found it
And it loses you

You've thought of all there is
But not enough
And it loses you in a cloud

There, most everything is nothing that it seems
Where you see the things you only wanna see

I'd fly away
To a higher plane
To say words I resist
To float away
To sigh
To breathe

And heaven's not enough
If when I'm there I don't remember you
And heaven does enough
You think you know it
And it uses you

I saw so many things
But like a dream
Always losing me in a cloud

Cause I couldn't cry
Cause I turned away
Couldn't see the score
Didn't know the pain of leaving yesterday really far behind
In another life
In another dream
By a different name
Gave it all away
For a memory
And a quiet lie
And I felt the face
Of a cold tonight
Still don't know the score
But I know the pain of leaving everything really far behind
And if I could cry
And if I could live what truth I did then take me there
Heaven goodbye

And my little passage..:)

I tried to hide the tears as I watched him walk away. There was a deep fear in my heart. A fear that he'd walk away forever, never knowing how I truly felt.
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