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Ahhh...in lyric form.

Give me one reason to stay here
And Ill turn right back around
Cuz dont want to leave you lonley
But you gotta make me change my mind.
Give Me One Good Reason-Tracy Chapman

Sometimes I wish that I was a cold beer
Id rest assure that you'd hold me near
Id be guarenteed to be all that you need.
Sucker-John Mayer

I would walk away
If I wasnt such a sucker for your love.
Sucker-John Mayer

Cause I am barely breathing
and I cant find the air
Dont know who Im kidding imagining you care.
Barely Breathing-Duncan Sheik

I'm a magnet for the fixer upper man
If I know its fire why do I let it burn my hand.
Men Dont Change-Amy Dalley

I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child
One restless summer we found love growing wild.
Strawberry Wine-Deanna Carter

Sick and tired of bein sick and tired
everything around you's growin old
Days drag on, nights last longer
Takes everything just to keep it together
Sick and Tired-Cross Canadian Ragweed

Memories are overated
All they do is get ya damn frustrated
who needs that one their back
Startin over cold turkey.
Sick and Tired-Cross Canadian Ragweed
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